Milaidhoo Island is a place for dreamers… The 5-star boutique resort impresses with spectacular villas, surrounded by lush nature, turquoise lagoons and endless horizons.

If I had to describe my experience at Milaidhoo in one word, I’d say extraordinary. It took me a few days to process my stay at Milaidhoo Island, and after I left I realized that this has been probably the most extraordinary place I have ever stayed, in all my years of traveling. 


The Maldives is an incredible place, it’s a true wonderland with over 1000 islands, over 1000 species of fish, wherever you look – you’ll see endless horizons and turquoise waters. It’s almost too beautiful to be real. You don’t believe me? Let me show you Milaidhoo Island in one minute. Here is a little video teaser from our 3 days in the island… ENJOY!



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If you want to book Milaidhoo Resort, you can check here rates and availability.

Milaidhoo – A serene paradise for luxury seekers


I traveled to the Maldives with my friend Mar, after we left Lux* Resort, we took another sea plane and headed to Milaidhoo Island, which was completely the opposite compare to Lux*. The moment I stepped my feet on the sand, I heard nothing but birds, other than that it was serene and complete silent. There were no people on the beach, no noises, nothing. Just paradise. 


After a quick and efficient check-in, we were brought to our villa. The island is so small, the ride with the buggy took less than a few minutes, but still gave us a good impression of the island. It was picture-perfect, absolutely stunning. 



Villas at Milaidhoo


Milaidhoo is a true 5-star resort, offering spectacular villas to stay. Each of them is extremely spacious, the beach villas measure 290m², the water villas 245m², and for the ultimate luxury seekers, there is an ocean residence, measuring 475m².


Only 50 villas can be found on the entire island, which assures privacy and silence. Milaidhoo is the absolute perfect place for a romantic honeymoon or lover’s getaway, it can’t get any better. The villas are large and comfortable, guests enjoy having a big house with all luxury amenities to themselves. Being able to watch the stars from your private pool with your loved one is simply priceless.  



Until the check-in I wasn’t sure if we would get a water or a beach villa, I couldn’t hide my excitement when I noticed we were heading towards the water villas. 


The moment we entered the room I felt like home. Except for the fact that this place looked a way better than my home. The villa was simply breathtaking, built on stilts, with its spacious outdoor living room, contemporary furniture and loads of natural light coming in.



If you want to book Milaidhoo Resort, you can check here rates and availability.

The room was decorated with Maldivian style interior, which are all custom-made for Milaidhoo Island. We were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and a basket of exotic fruits, a perfect way to start our vacation at Milaidhoo.


The villas offer all amenities you can expect from a luxury hotel, bath robes, slippers, fridge and minibar, coffee machine, premium teas, homemade cookies, there was even a wine fridge. They also provided yoga mats which I found extremely useful. 


The 129m² terrace was undoubtedly the heart of the villa, with a massive swing that invites to relax and enjoy the views… plus an oversized daybed by the pool, sun loungers, table with chairs, and of course an infinity pool with a 180 degree ocean view. On a side note, these villas are offering some of the largest private pools in the Maldives.



The bathroom seemed bigger than my entire apartment at home, with a separate rain shower, and a large freestanding bathtub, with sea views of course. It was the perfect place for an Instagram shot. You can not leave Milaidhoo without taking a photo of this bathtub. Of course, I could not resist either to get my shot taken. And because we’re Instagram freaks, Mar and I decorated the tub with flowers and slices of oranges. 


Thanks the wonderful and kind staff at Milaidhoo, who went above and beyond to get us everything to make this shot perfect.



Facilities & Activities


Despite it’s such a small island (only 300m x 180m), Milaidhoo offers plenty of activities to fill your day with adventures. There are several dive and snorkel expeditions, to explore the house reef, dolphins, turtles, and loads of colorful fish. 


We went on a trip to a deserted island, just a few minutes away by boat. We got off on the whitest sand bank I have ever seen, there was absolutely no one besides us, it was completely surreal. Immediately we started flying the drone, just to find out that the sandbar looked like the Nike logo from above.


The sky was incredibly blue that day, it was just perfect. We had so much fun swimming in the warm, crystal clear waters, we even saw stingrays passing by. For the ultimate romantic event, the resort can organise a private dinner on this sandbank, I can only imagine how amazing this must be.



Drone shots taken by my travel buddy Mar Pages of

You don’t need to go far for some activities, there is nothing wrong with staying on the island if you don’t feel like going on a trip. You can still enjoy some water sports, rent a kayak or SUP and float along the turquoise lagoon. The island has its own house reef, just grab snorkel, mask and fins and meet some turtles, friendly sharks and plenty of vibrant fish.


If you feel like socializing or simply having a different view of the island and its surroundings, head to the common pool. It’s also a pretty awesome place to watch the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand.



Milaidhoo offers complimentary yoga classes in the morning, it’s a great way to start your day, connect with yourself, stretch your body and get into a good mood. Even if you’re not into yoga, I recommend checking it out, the views from the yoga room are fabulous, these were some of the best views I ever had during a class. 



Is it allowed to fly a Drone at Milaidhoo?


Unfortunately, no. But why are there drone photos in this blog post? Good question. Fortunately we got a permission from the management for the purpose of this article, but we had to promise to be quick and only fly at a time where it’s most likely that people are out to eat.


If you come as a normal traveler, you have to sign a paper upon arrival that you agree to not use a drone. Why is that an issue? Milaidhoo is all about privacy and silence, and drones would contribute a noise factor that they want to avoid. 


If bringing a drone is an important factor for your trip to the Maldives, we recommend another resort. Lux Resort allows the use of drones, although only in designated areas.



Drone shots taken by my travel buddy Mar Pages of



We had half board during our stay in Milaidhoo, which was more than plenty because the breakfast literally blew my mind. I have never seen a more extensive fruit buffet, with an array of exotic fruits I have never heard of. It was such a delight to try all those different fruits and flavors, I’m in love with all kinds of fruits and this was right up my alley.



The breakfast included buffet and a la carte items. The first day we literally went crazy and ordered pancakes, waffles and avocado toast from the menu. Then I walked inside to see the buffet and got completely overwhelmed. There was such an extensive selection, ordering a la carte is actually not necessary with all these buffet options. It’s a great bonus though.



There was such an extensive variety of food items, it’s impossible to list all of that in one blog post. Let me tell you a few things I saw, that I rarely get to see at other breakfast buffets.


Artichokes. I’m in love with artichokes and being able to eat them for breakfast made my day.

Avocados. Plenty. Who doesn’t love avocado toast with portobello mushrooms? I do.

Strawberries. Fresh Strawberries. Not sure where they came from, but I appreciated having them.

Vegan cheese. I’ve never seen vegan cheese at a hotel breakfast. Ever. One of the rarest items to find. And not just one or two – there were three different kind of vegan cheeses! Unbelievable.

Coconut yoghurt. This vegan yoghurt tasted like heaven. Literally. I’m not exaggerating. Even my friend Mar, who is far away from being a vegan fell in love with that dairy free yoghurt.



My typical breakfast at Milaidhoo: cappuccino with rice milk, a variety of fresh juices, avocado toast, fried potatoes,

green beans, artichokes and plenty of fresh fruit such as strawberries, mangoes, passion fruit and melon.

If you’re a fan of fresh juices and smoothies, you’ll be amazed by all the choices and colors. Look at the photo above, I had four different juices on my first day! On top of all, the coffee was excellent and I had vegan dairy alternatives such as soy milk, rice milk and almond milk. Impressive.


Honestly, I’m still dreaming of that breakfast. Milaidhoo is another foodie heaven for vegans, I promise the breakfast will exceed all your expectations.



Three days at Milaidhoo and I felt like a different person. I left the island, relaxed, tanned, with a few new freckles and a big smile on my face. A few days in a low-paced island had an instant effect on me. But it was not only the stunning surroundings, and the amazing food… Also the kindness of the people working there made our time in the island unforgettable.


I’m forever grateful that I had the chance to visit this place, although I must say, if I ever return, I’d love this place to be my honeymoon. Milaidhoo Island is made for lovers, dreamers and everyone who is looking to connect with nature and themselves. 



PS: If you want to book Milaidhoo Resort, you can check here rates and availability.


Special thanks to Milaidhoo Island and Small Luxury Hotels of the World for hosting us. 

All opinions are, as always my own.


Thank you for reading.

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